The Daily Star, a British tabloid, has posted an article covering a viral video revealing the ISIS and Jihadi John videos are fake.

“The clip appears to show a TV set and film crew watching on as a Jihadi John-like figure stands next to a prisoner kneeling next to him,” Roy McKeown writes for the tabloid.

“The video was uploaded to YouTube by user YAC” on Sunday, McKeown notes.

The newspaper omits the fact the video was retrieved from the French language edition of Sputnik News, an international multimedia news service launched by Rossiya Segodnya, an agency owned by the Russian government.

Sputnik News claims the video was hacked by the CyberBerkut group from the device of a Sen. John McCain staffer while on a trip to Ukraine.

The pro-Russian hacktivist group primarily targets NATO websites and US military-industrial complex corporations, including Greystone Limited and Triple Canopy. It has also attacked the Ukrainian government and the German Chancellery and the German Bundestag.

In August 2014 British forensic experts concluded that an ISIS beheading video of American journalist James Foley was in all likelihood staged using “camera trickery and slick post-production techniques.”

“The only logical conclusion, whether Foley was later killed or not, is that the video was not produced or released by actual ISIS militants but by western intelligence agencies to be used as a casus belli to expand military expansion in the middle east,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote for

A similar video released in October of the alleged beheading of British taxicab driver Alan Henning was also called into question.

In January Infowars showed how easy it is to create a fake ISIS beheading video.

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