The corporate media has exploited every opportunity to portray Ammon Bundy and the occupiers in Oregon as villains and rightwing kooks.

For instance, they grabbed a tweet purportedly posted by Bundy where he compared himself to civil rights activist Rosa Parks.

“Bundy’s invocation of Parks drew criticism as his group will use force to defend themselves if raided during their attempt at forcing Washington give control of federal lands to ranchers, and Twitter made that clear to him,” reports TIME.

As suspected by more than a few that invocation was not posted by Bundy. In fact, Bundy does not have a Twitter account, according to Gizmodo.

“The account was created on January 3rd and has just 54 tweets, which should be the first red flag that it’s not Bundy. The guy seems to prefer Facebook, like any middle aged, red-blooded American would.”

Despite this, the corporate media slipped into overdrive to criticize and lambast the post.

The hoax did not stop after it was discovered Bundy has nothing to with it.

This begs the question: is the fake account merely some mean-spirited prankster attempting to discredit Bundy or is something more nefarious up—like a COINTELPRO dirty trick.

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