The corporate media has ignored Seymour Hersh’s report on the Pentagon sending intelligence information to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Max Fisher, writing for Vox, a news website founded in part by Daily Kos liberal and former CIA employee Markos Moulitsas, believes Hersh’s “bizarre new conspiracy theory” is suspicious because “it is backed up with no evidence beyond the word of one anonymous ‘former senior adviser’ to the Joint Chiefs.”

The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and dozens of other mainline corporate newspapers and websites do this all the time—cite anonymous sources to back up stories—but it is a problem when an award-winning investigative journalist exiled from the New Yorker to the hinterland of The London Review of Books does it.

“It is a fantastic and stunning claim,” Fisher continues. “And Hersh, rather than condemning this all as what would appear to be the highest act of treason in modern American history, rather seems to portray it as necessary and appropriate.”

Fisher, a former Washington Post staffer, is no different than other liberal Obama supporters who have no problem supporting illegal invasions and proxy wars so long as it is Democrat war-making as opposed to the Republican version.

Mr. Fisher might write a follow-up article explaining how Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional proxy war in Syria is the “highest act of treason in modern American history.”

In November Justin King, writing for The Fifth Column, summarized the situation in Syria and declared the American people have been duped:

The United States planted the seeds of revolt through propaganda, led the demonstrations against Assad, helped arm and train the Islamic State, repeatedly pushed a false narrative to gain a pretext to invade, denied proper air support to those fighting the Islamic State, and will now capitalize on the murders committed by the Islamic State to achieve its goal of ousting Assad. They’re so confident of success this time, there’s a timeline for the new constitution.

During all of this, over 300,000 people died and 6 million more were displaced. There will be more death and destruction. Unless, of course, Assad voluntarily steps down and allows Syria to become another US colony, which is highly unlikely.

The horrible part of this is that despite warnings, the American people did nothing. We’ve been had, but we’re the lucky ones. We’re still alive.

The liberal media—in lock step with the neocons—has supported the destruction of Syria.

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