Kurt Nimmo
August 21, 2013

The family of Michael Hastings has rejected a toxicology report claiming the deceased journalist had traces of amphetamine in his body.

“I can honestly say with absolute certainty that he wasn’t doing meth,” an anonymous family member told the WhoWhatWhy news website. “‘Methamphetamine’ can be nasal spray Sudafed, one of those upper drinks at the gas station, prescription amphetamines, etc.”

“The LAPD has done a really sloppy job investigating his case, and they were hoping for a mother lode of drugs in his system,” the family member continued. “When they didn’t get it in the toxicology lab results (science!), they had to insert speculation throughout their field report to compensate for their lack of an investigation. It’s so irresponsible.”

The mainstream corporate media is now attempting to portray the award-winning journalist as a drug addict. “Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings had amphetamines and marijuana in his system when he crashed head-on into a tree in June and died on impact, the Los Angeles Coroner’s office said in its autopsy report,” ABC News reports today.

According to media reports, family members had traveled to California to persuade the journalist to enter rehab. One brother “had just arrived from New York the day prior with another brother scheduled to arrive later this same morning, 6/18/13, as the family was attempting to get (Hastings) to go to detox,” the Los Angeles Coroner’s office said in its autopsy report.

The ABC News report mentions that a brother had told police that Hastings had previously had a problem with Ritalin, and had crashed his car into a pole several years earlier. Around 1999, he entered an in-patient rehab program, the report states.

It is also reported that Hastings was using medical marijuana. Police had reportedly found a medical marijuana card in his wallet after the accident.

The brother also told the cops Hastings had smoked marijuana hours before the car crash. “He had been prescribed medical marijuana sometime before his crash and had been smoking it to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder from his war reporting in Afghanistan and Iraq, Hastings’ brother told cops,” ABC reports.

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