Kurt Nimmo
April 29, 2011

It’s a testament to the effectiveness of the corporate media. According to yet another poll, the little people think for some reason establishment Republicans will do a better job dealing with the “budget,” that is to say taxing and spending – or more accurately, borrowing from bankers and then shuffling off the debt payment to future generations. This fantasy about Republicans is part of the right-versus-left political distraction employed by the corporate-entertainment news media. It works like a charm.

From Reuters:

Americans say Republicans in Congress would do a better job than Democrats in dealing with the U.S. budget, according to a poll released Friday that shows President Barack Obama’s party at a disadvantage as lawmakers near another showdown over federal spending.

The poll’s findings underscore the challenge facing Obama as he seeks public support for his proposals for tackling a growing U.S. budget deficit — an issue that could play a key role in the president’s efforts to win re-election in 2012.

The USA Today/Gallup survey of 1,013 U.S. adults looked at whether Americans expressed more confidence in the ability of Republicans or Democrats in Congress to deal with six major issues facing the country.

It is sincerely amazing how the Boobeoisie think there is actually a significant difference between Republicans and Democrats.

From Lew Rockwell on April 5:

Paul Ryan, the head of the House budget committee, is proposing to cut future increases in the deficit from $10.4 trillion to $6.4 trillion—over 10 years. Aside from the typical conservative love of empire and invasions—the Pentagon and its satellite agencies are not touched—anything over 10 years is eyewash. Why not a 100 year plan? All that matters is what is spent or cut or taxed this year. The current congress cannot bind future congresses. I first encountered this multiple-year trick when Phil Gramm had his four-year, balanced-budget plan under the debtaholic Reagan. It was a joke, of course. Again, when it comes to congress, only this year counts. And this year, the Republicans plan to cut, they claim, 1.5% of the deficit. Thanks a lot. They should all listen to Ron Paul. Politically (and morally), it makes far more sense to try to eviscerate the empire, pave the Pentagon, clam up the CIA, put the kibosh on the Kill Teams, rather than going after programs for the poor. Welfare to go, too, but it is hardly the place to start. Predator drones and all the other instruments of mass death are.

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