Becky Akers
LRC Blog
May 22, 2012

Our corporate Rulers lust to profit even more than they already have from passengers’ trauma at the TSA’s checkpoints. Accordingly, “Homeland Security Department contractors such as Adobe, Boeing Co. and IBM, announced Monday the creation of the WHSR [Washington Homeland Security Roundtable]-TSA Senior Executive Industry Forum.” They hope to “[start] a dialogue to make it easier to do business with TSA.”

“‘Our objective is really to have industry have an opportunity to work with the leadership of TSA,’ WHSR Director Kay Olive” prattled. Yo, Kay: “industry” worked so well with an earlier “leadership” that the companies virtually eliminated their costs for labor — though they still had to pay the guards and buy miles of barbed wire. They also came up with a catchy slogan: Arbeit Macht Frei. I bet they’d lease you the rights.

Kay continued in accents of utter evil, “I think [TSA’s] looking every way they can to improve and increase effectiveness, and we just want to help with that. Much like every agency out there, I think they’re just looking for opportunity.”

There may be obscenities more chilling than “industry’s” bestial union with Leviathan, but I’m hard put to name them.

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