Aaron Dykes
December 18, 2011

Kim Jong Il Reported Dead at 69COMMENT FROM ALEX JONES: Kim Jong Il has probably been dead already for over a year, and regardless, nothing can be trusted that comes out of the over-the-top tyranny in North Korea, where its 20+ million people are starved and all aspects of political life are tightly controlled by a party of thugs.

Announcements that Kim Jong Il, the notorious dictator of North Korea, has died from a heart attack while on a train have circulated from the state he ruled over since 1994, when his father’s own reign ended.

That is if you can believe anything issued from the Communist hellhole well known for starving its own people and printing complete fabrications and worshipful prose about its leaders as fact.

Indeed, there are reasons to believe Kim Jong Il may have already been dead, and little reason to put credibility in the reports originating from his nation’s strictly controlled state press. The London Telegraph questioned back in September 2010 whether a double was covering for his premature death, noting that N. Korea had gone to some lengths to formally name his son, Kim Jong-un, still in his twenties, as successor in a ceremony.

The dynasty in North Korea has officially entered the third generation, with Jong-un’s takeover as leader already announced on state TV following reports of his father’s supposed death on a train.

The theory concerning the double, carrying out the dictator’s ceremonial duties for public consumption, was voiced during a World Economic Forum meeting in Tianjin, China in 2010 by a Japanese professor named Toshimitsu Shigemura, who claims to have factual proof.

Kim Jong Il reportedly suffered a stroke in 2008 and has been little seen in the public for well over a year. Rumors of a collapsing regime circulated in May 2010, with an eye on the effects of currency revaluation and other economic strains.

Either way, another petty dictator with a psychopathic drive to dominate the people he rules over has been removed from the global chessboard. This pawn has been used for decades to keep America’s nose in the Pacific theater– with the 38th parallel still the demarcation of a (United Nations conflict) hot war and the threat of a truly insane criminal ruler wielding nukes enough to justify an aggressive foreign policy almost anywhere.

Naturally, Kim Jong Il only got his hands on nuclear material with the aid of the West, including Donald Rumsfeld. Jong Il has subsequently used fears of his ruthlessness to extract financial aid blackmail from presidents since Clinton. The globalists, in turn, used him as a shadow enemy to ramp up perceived threats and fuel energy into the military industrial complex war machine.

Kurt Nimmo wrote, “In early 2000, Rumsfeld was involved with Swiss-based ABB when the company secured a $200 million contract with Pyongyang. The ABB contract was to deliver equipment and services for two nuclear power stations at Kumho on the North Korean east coast. The ABB contract followed a 1994 deal between the U.S. and North Korea allowing construction of two reactors in exchange for a freeze on Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program, a deal North Korea subsequently violated (or so we are told) as it continued to develop a nuclear weapons program.”

Paul Joseph Watson added: Rumsfeld was merely picking up the baton from the Clinton administration, who in 1994 agreed to replace North Korea’s domestically built nuclear reactors with light water nuclear reactors. So-called government-funded ‘experts’ claimed that light water reactors couldn’t be used to make bombs. Not so according to Henry Sokolski, head of the Non-proliferation Policy Education Center in Washington, who stated, “LWRs could be used to produce dozens of bombs’ worth of weapons-grade plutonium in both North Korea and Iran. This is true of all LWRs — a depressing fact U.S. policymakers have managed to block out.”

Mainstream media coverage of Kim Jong Il’s death:
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