Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker escorted five illegal immigrants into the United States from Mexico where they were then placed into U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) custody and are now being held in a detention facility.

Accompanied by a team of top immigration lawyers, Booker walked the all-female Cuban and Honduran immigrants across an international bridge from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and into El Paso, Texas on Wednesday.

Booker and the women, who claim to have been victims of sexual assault and labor trafficking in Juárez, walked to the U.S. port of entry to seek asylum.

It’s worth noting that Booker didn’t assist the women in illegally entering the country and instead went through the proper channels.

After going through the port of entry, the women were sent to a CBP detention facility where they await an asylum hearing.

“We hope that they are released from MPP and eventually allowed to seek asylum without being detained,” said Las Americas attorney Linda Rivas.

Why would Booker send these women to a location some Democrats have compared to concentration camps, that Democrats say lack basic hygiene products and where people are reportedly told to drink from toilets?

The New Jersey Senator has called the facilities “inhumane” and released an immigration plan Tuesday that will “end this administration’s moral vandalism.”

In the interview below, the Democratic presidential hopeful said the very same detention facilities he escorted the five women to are “violating people’s human rights.”

In a video Booker would likely want to hide from his constituents, he shakes hands with a CBP officer, saying, “My staff has said you’ve been tremendous today.”

Next, the officer asked Booker if he could accompany the group accross the bridge and Booker replied, “I’d be honored.”

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