In an article celebrating the incestuous relationship of a brother and sister who met for the first time as adults, Cosmopolitan magazine defies “the last taboo” and argues that, by virtue of shared genetics, a brother and sister coupling creates a “perfect storm” that others might be missing out on.

The leftwing publication has a history of pushing liberal social causes—whether it’s celebrating a woman who posted on Facebook a video of herself having an abortion, advocating for gender neutral restrooms, or praising the Kardashian/Jenner family as “America’s First Family.” Now Cosmo is pushing the taboo of incest in a new article and seemingly overlooking a potential case of child rape.

The article, titled “This Is What It’s Like to Fall in Love With Your Brother,” tells of two middle-aged siblings, Melissa and Brian, who were united following the death of their father.

Melissa was raised by another man, who is also deceased, and discovered the identity of her biological father earlier this year after he died.

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