The World Health Organization and the Liberian government say they are checking into the possibility that a woman infected with Ebola virus caught it from a survivor she was dating.

Ebola’s still spreading in West Africa, although not nearly as badly as it was during the late summer, fall and winter. WHO reports 79 new cases last week, taking the total number of infections nearly to 25,000 – hundreds of times more than in any previous outbreak of Ebola. More than 10,000 people have died.

Liberian officials and outside agencies are keeping an eye on 71 people the patient may have been in contact with. The woman, who is being treated, is currently the only Liberian known to have Ebola.

“The patient is not a contact associated with the country’s last confirmed case, who tested negative for Ebola virus disease for a second time on 3 March,” WHO said in an update published Wednesday. “Investigations into how the patient was exposed to Ebola are ongoing.”

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