Kurt Nimmo
May 30, 2008

As I write this on late Friday night, a mere few hours before the grand finale of the Infowars Moneybomb, we can emphatically state that the effort has so far proven to be a fantastic success, demonstrating the commitment of supporters to ramp up for the information battle ahead. However, in order to engage the New World Order with true effectiveness, we will need a final push in the hours ahead. If you have not donated, please do so now, as every dollar counts, as every dollar will help establish a solid base of operations that will break free of the encumbering limitations that keep us from sending the message out far and wide.

The Alex Jones Show is not Democracy Now, although that template deserves to be emulated — a television show freely available over public access cable television stations and Free Speech TV on the DISH Network. Democracy Now, while carrying no corporate advertising, is sadly in the pocket of the Ford Foundation, the Lannan Foundation of the family of former ITT board member J. Peter Lannan, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a “corporation” established by the government. In other words, Democracy Now might as well be NBC, CBS, or Fox News for all the independence of vision it has. It may as well be an official government tool.

Granted, Alex takes advertising in order to meet operating costs, but these advertisers consist of small companies, not large transnational corporations — certainly not New World Order foundations — and as Alex has repeatedly stated he does not support flimflam, snake oil, magic cube, cancer cure advertisers. As should be obvious, the money earned from this small pool of advertisers falls far short of what is needed to launch a television network — a television network beamed by satellite around the world to possibly millions of viewers, people in need of the truth but lacking viable options. An Alex Jones television network would offer those options. It would be like nothing else available. Needless to say, it will also be expensive to get off the ground.

Imagine! Actually switching on the television and watching programming of value, programming that tells the truth, programming that educates and enlightens as opposed to hypnotizing us with mindless and destructive “entertainment” and propagandizing us ad nauseam with programming devised by the scientific elite as they utilize the techniques of control developed by Freud’s nephew Edward Bernaise. Imagine Truth TV, not Enslavement TV!

Again, in order to do this, we need your help, your participation. If you can only afford five dollars, please send it, every penny will go toward the fight. If you can spare more, please do. Alex needs to hire staff, buy equipment, build a studio resembling something more than a closet. All of this takes money. Every dollar sent counts.

Dread the alternative: more Fox News, more corporate spin, more corporate engineered documentaries, more Ford and Rockefeller foundation sponsored voodoo designed to further enslave the masses. Isn’t it time the masses – isn’t it time you get a taste of the truth?

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