An Ohio teen who punched two people earlier this year, including a random homeless man, in a suspected “Knockout Game” effort has been found guilty on two counts of robbery, according to reports.

Footage of one of the attacks, filmed by an accomplice via cell phone, shows 17-year-old Deonte Howard attempting to knock a Dayton homeless man out with one punch, as he allegedly took part in a viral, but violent phenomenon that has been termed the “Knockout Game,” in which unprovoked attacks on unsuspecting citizens are filmed and posted to the web.

The homeless man shown in the video, shot in April, can be seen fleeing from his assailants after sustaining a sucker punch to the back of the head, but the teens eventually caught up to him and struck him down stealing his wallet, which contained all of $3, reports Reuters.

Montgomery County prosecutors argued Howard and two other teens, ages 14 and 15, stole a total of $10 from the two men after successfully knocking them unconscious.

“This defendant attacked two unsuspecting victims with the intention of knocking them unconscious with a single punch and taking whatever money they had,” county prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. stated, according to WHIO. “We will be asking the court to sentence the defendant to the maximum consecutive sentence of 16 years.”

The teens were identified after one of their high school teachers saw the video and informed local authorities. From there, police tracked the boys down and linked them to an additional attack that took place back in March.

The county prosecutor pushed to try all three teens as adults, but was only able to get Howard’s case moved, a decision his attorney will attempt to appeal.

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