It was after the shock and awe paralyzed the nation… After the carnage and outrage had been replaced with nanny state Patriot Act rhetoric.

It was after America had been lulled back to sleep and the truth about what happened on 9/11 crept out from eyewitness testimony and an abundance of irrefutable evidence by experts and basic common sense that couldn’t be ignored.

Now, we face a rollout with all the hallmarks of 9/11 but on a scale not even the U.S. Federal Government was prepared for.

As with 9/11, Alex Jones and Infowars fearlessly questioned the official narrative due to mountains of evidence, regardless of how intense the mockingbird media tried to extinguish the fire of truth.

And now, the spread of a novel Coronavirus that appeared like a globalist torpedo is threatening an increasing number of countries as evidence mounts concerning the true nature of its origins, its counterparts and its blindsiding impact hell-bent on producing order out of chaos.

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