The Covington Catholic High School students involved in a viral incident at a pro-life march Friday have been invited to meet with President Trump at the White House, according to reports.

A tweet from Fox News host Laura Ingraham claims that the MAGA hat-wearing students could meet with the president as early as Wednesday.

“EXCLUSIVE on the new #LauraIngrahamPodcast — the Covington Catholic students threatened by the leftist internet mob will be meeting with @realDonaldTrump at the White House as early as tomorrow,” Ingraham wrote in a tweet Tuesday.

One of the mothers of the students who attends Covington Catholic school, however, told The Gateway Pundit writer Cassandra Fairbanks they have not yet received an invitation.

Other White House reporters, including CBS News’ Fin Gomez, disputed claims that the students were invited, but did not rule out a possible future visit.

Video of the students went viral over the weekend after various mainstream media reports claimed the boys were mocking a Native American at a protest in DC.

That account was discredited, however, after more video emerged showing the boys did nothing as activist Nathan Phillips approached and proceeded to beat a drum in one Nick Sandmann’s face.

Before the full details came to light, various celebrities and mainstream media personalities on both sides of the political spectrum jumped to conclusions in vicious smear attempts geared to slander Trump supporters.

Since the incident, the president has issued two tweets on the media’s fake news smears of the Covington students.


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