Jarrett Bell
USA Today
December 9, 2012

What more can they do?

[…] [Dallas Cowboys consultant Calvin Hill] is searching for more answers, in the wake of the single-car, alcohol-related crash early Saturday that cost the life of practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown and left defensive tackle Josh Brent facing intoxication manslaughter charges.

Hill said the team could mandate that Cowboys players have electronic devices designed to immobilize vehicles when a driver is impaired. The device, SafeKey, includes a small fob that is attached to the key ring, which sends electronic signals to a complementary device that can prevent a vehicle from starting if a driver doesn’t pass a test based on color-coded light emissions.

Said Hill, “We are considering that.”

It is unclear whether the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) would sign off on allowing teams to mandate such a measure for players. NFLPA officials did not immediately respond to USA TODAY Sports on Sunday.

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