After the hashtag #HowToSpotAFeminist began trending on Twitter yesterday, some radical feminists responded by threatening to have me executed for daring to make fun of them.

Eager to jump on the bandwagon, once I noticed that the hashtag was trending, I tweeted the following comment, which was subsequently picked up by Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Time Magazine.

I was almost immediately deluged by a wave of feminist hate on my Twitter notifications. When I decided to engage with a couple of these individuals, it swiftly became clear that if I refused to be re-educated on the issue, I would be oppressed, put in a gulag and eventually executed – because apparently that’s how “progressives” and “liberals” conduct themselves these days.

Marxist/feminist ‘@kim_tastiic’ started the ball rolling by ordering me “to the gulag!”

Comrade ‘@samdreessen’ then spelled it out for me. Under his uber-trendy feminist dictatorship, “reactionaries” like me would be oppressed.

But ‘@kim_tastiic’ wasn’t satisfied with mere oppression and instead called for me to be shot by a firing squad.

When I pressed ‘@samdreessen’ on whether he would execute me for my beliefs, ‘@kim_tastiic’ – who has over 12,000 Twitter followers – quickly jumped in with her eager response – “Yes.”

‘@samdreessen’ then explained to me that because I was part of the “bourgeoisie” (I was born on a council estate in Sheffield, England), I would have my head chopped off just like in revolutionary France.

He went on to assert that my execution was justified because I “actively defend oppressive class/race/gender hierarchies.”

And now, dear reader, do you see why I harp on so much about how 3rd wave feminism has been hijacked by batshit crazy lunatics?

Bear in mind that these are real people who genuinely believe that those who espouse different beliefs to them should be summarily executed. I have had spats with them before, they are not satire accounts. Both of them have now blocked me and deleted several of the tweets made during this exchange.

In addition, the Cosmo, Marie Claire and Time Magazine articles about the #HowToSpotAFeminist hashtag were almost as delusional as the threats I received as a result of them featuring my tweet.

“How to spot a feminist? She’s probably the one doing something slightly more productive than starting a hateful hashtag campaign,” wrote Cosmo’s By Jill Filipovic.

Really Jill? So I guess #KillAllMen never happened?

Time’s Helen Regan celebrated how the hashtag #HowToSpotAFeminist had been ‘gloriously reclaimed’ by feminists. Her evidence for this was a handful of tweets from feminists regurgitating variations of the dictionary definition of feminism, asserting it was merely about gender equality (which is not what 3rd wave feminism is about at all, as the tweets above painfully demonstrate).

In reality, the majority of the tweets that made the hashtag trend in the first place (before feminists got involved) were far from complimentary.

Meanwhile, Marie Claire’s Chelsea Peng vented under the the headline, ‘#HowtoSpotaFeminist Is, Um, Exactly Why We Need Feminism’ and the subheadline ‘Ugh, people, would you just *listen*?’

Ugh, no, I’m not going to listen to you or even quote your article Chelsea, since it sounds like it was written by 14-year-old girl penning her first Tumblr blog.

Another amusing outcome of my original tweet being circulated amongst irate feminists is that several of them began to send me half-naked pictures of themselves to prove they weren’t fat. Apparently, objectification is perfectly acceptable in this context, as is ‘fat shaming’ by proxy.

I have occasionally commented – up until now tongue in cheek – that some 3rd wave feminists share the same zealous ideological impulses as ISIS, but that comparison now appears to be less of a joke.

Isn’t it funny how the mainstream media has consistently smeared #GamerGate supporters as violent, hateful, misogynists, while virtually ignoring actual terror threats made by feminists?

In the last couple of weeks alone, feminists have threatened to bomb Protein World for showcasing an ad featuring an attractive, toned “beach body” model, in addition to a similar threat that was leveled against gamers during a meet-up in Washington DC last Friday.

This kind of behavior is presumably what prompted Emma Watson to complain that feminism had become a “dirty word,” and undoubtedly contributes to the fact that less than a quarter of American women identify as feminists, while even a minority of millennial women call themselves feminists.

With the voices of maniacal fringe elements continuing to grow louder, the chances of that figure rising in the near future seem very remote indeed.

And now for some more fun at the expense of feminists….

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