A crazed Muslim and Hillary Clinton supporter responded to Donald Trump’s controversial comments on immigration by threatening to circumcise the Republican frontrunner.

The individual, whose YouTube channel is entitled ‘Ebou Bah’ – appears in a video manically waving knives around while vowing to cut off Trump’s penis.

“Donald Trump say today on the news in front of all millions of people, Donald Trump say that they gonna ban Muslims coming to America,” states the man, who then says he is going to put Trump on the spot.

After accusing Trump of having no respect or manners, the man screams, “I am a Muslim,” before calling Trump’s mother and father a “pussy”.

“Your entire family you are all bastards, you are a bigot, you don’t even know the value of America,” the man screams.

The man then picks up two kitchen knives before stating, “I have bought a knife from Amazon, I will circumcise you! I will circumcise you! You are nothing but a bastard!

“Who the f**k do you think you are?” the man continues. “Ban Muslims for what? F**k you Donald Trump!”

The man then repeats his threat, remarking, “I will circumcise you! I will cut your dick! Who the f**k do you think you are to open your mouth and say this bullshit to Muslims?”

Although some of the individual’s other videos appear to be satirical, there was little to laugh about as he waved knives in front of the camera while threatening to attack Trump.

In another video, the man holds a gun in front of the camera while stating, “Go ahead, mention one more time ISIS is Islam…if you say ISIS is Islam, I put a bullet right in your pussy.”

In another clip, the individual explains how he supports Hillary Clinton because she denied that America was at war with “radical Islam” during a recent Democratic debate.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing is that the individual appears to be a police officer. Another clip shows him dancing around in a police uniform.

This clip underscores once again that many of the liberals who accuse Trump of engaging in hateful rhetoric are some of the most violent and hateful people you could ever wish to meet.

Back in October, Trump was given Secret Service protection as a result of the multitude of death threats he was receiving. Yesterday we also reported on the plethora of people wanting to see Trump dead after he advocated halting all Muslim immigration to the U.S. until migrants could be properly vetted.


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