President Trump honored CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s reporting of real news by giving him a nickname: “Crazy Jim.”

On Tuesday the president tweeted the CNN reporter was forced to admit the end of the government shutdown on Monday was a win for Trump and a loss for Democrats.

“Even Crazy Jim Acosta of Fake News CNN agrees: ‘Trump World and WH sources dancing in end zone: Trump wins again…Schumer and Dems caved…gambled and lost.’ Thank you for your honesty Jim!”

The president had attempted to reach a compromise with Democrats on the DACA immigration program, asking for an end to chain migration and the visa diversity lottery, in addition to funding for his long-anticipated border wall, in exchange for a spending bill deal.

Trump’s offers were rejected by Dems, leading to what was dubbed the “Schumer Shutdown,” which ended on Monday after a resolution was passed to keep the government open through February 8 when DACA will again be discussed.

In a follow-up tweet, the president added he was hopeful a solution to the DACA problem could be finalized by the February 8 deadline, but pointed out Dems had learned a valuable lesson on holding the government hostage to score political points.

“Nobody knows for sure that the Republicans & Democrats will be able to reach a deal on DACA by February 8, but everyone will be trying….with a big additional focus put on Military Strength and Border Security. The Dems have just learned that a Shutdown is not the answer!”

The Trump-Acosta feud goes back to January 11, 2017, when the president-elect refused to take a question from Acosta following CNN’s publication of a story giving credence to allegations in the now-infamous Russian dossier.

At a February, 16, 2017, presser, Trump again addressed Acosta and evoked laughter from reporters gathered when he again zinged CNN, this time relabeling the network “very fake news.”


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