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March 21, 2011

Animal training, starting with the young.

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Preview – Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America

Prison Planet.tv Exclusive
Coming April 2011

Coming exclusively to PrisonPlanet.tv in April 2011, part 1 of our interview with Charlotte Iserbyt breaks down how a corporate agenda and conditioning/training has replaced traditional education, leading to a deliberate dumbing down of Americans. Iserbyt further explains how Reagan signed agreements merging the U.S. and Soviet systems under the United Nations banner, turning over education and many other areas of public policy to global control.

In Part Two, Charlotte Iserbyt will unveil the connection of her father and grandfather to the elite Skull & Bones secret society, including an exclusive look at the official members list the public was never meant to see. Iserbyt also explores the research of Anthony Sutton and others who’ve made the connection between Skull & Bones, the Illuminati and experimental psychology from Germany that has been injected into the American education system since the late 1800s. Also in play is the elite’s control of the Left-Right political paradigm, infiltration of key policy groups and backing from globalist foundations that have threatened to undermine the American way for the better part of a century.

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