Make it Eight, eh?
June 24, 2010

According to Glenn Beck, the reason Obama can not allow the cleanup in the Gulf from the oil leak is the “Jones Act”, which gives the Unions power to effect control over who works on boats. No foreigners are allowed. Yet, Obama has no problem with allowing illegal immigrants. Good point Glenn, or is it?

It would appear just as Beck fed enough truth and good information on George Soros and his involvement in Brazilian oil giant Petrobras, he has diverted once again from the true issue, and is on the attack of labor unions and their pensions.

We mentioned repeatedly before that the New World Order would need a convenient antagonist to Obama, who rode the labor union ticket into office. It could not be Obama to kill the unions and strip wealth from the union membership. While Obama is expected to serve one term as President, with waning popularity, he would not be able to pull off the mission of the globalists.

The mission is to create division among the people of the United States. Obama is allowing the flood of illegal immigrants, and going as far as to challenge Arizona and other states legally that have effected their own laws where the Feds have failed. Beck has put up a front to attack the Obama decision to allow illegal immigration, but has added a different “division” – the attack on the history of labor unions that discriminated against minorities such as the blacks and Chinese.

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We have Obama bringing in illegals as a voting block and economic drain on the system, and now Beck is suggesting further racism to divide the union membership from the general public. On two fronts, the people of America are being played against each other to effect the agenda that would benefit only one group – the global elite striving for the New World Order.

If Beck truly believes that “Crime Inc” as he would describe it is the biggest problem facing America, why would he want to take power away from the people in stripping labor unions and their pension plans? That would serve the elites goal of quelling union power and accumulated wealth – the same goal of Obama.

According to Beck, you cannot blame the bankers when times get tough. And, we all know that Beck supported the banker bailout claiming a very weak argument that if the banks failed, the economy would have failed. He defended his position on this, but what matters is action not words. Supporting the bank bailout and attacking labor unions puts Americans at risk.

When Beck has not addressed the big picture adequately – that is, the magnitude of George Soros and the New World Order, how does he justify putting the average American union employee at risk of financial insecurity? Are the union members that are honest guilty by association? Kind of a sorry about your luck, you were duped by your union – a pawn and you must be  sacrificed argument?

It would appear Glenn Beck is doing the equivalent of fly fishing for the disgruntled, but at the same time furthering the globalist agenda.

He has:

• sabotaged the true Tea Party Grassroots movement, with the help of Sarah Palin and brought the Republican twist into the mix
• mocked and criticized 9/11 truthers and Obama birthers as radical and dangerous, and famously put Van Jones in the group
• supported the banker bailout
• has in the past criticized or ignored Ron Paul, and where is the mention of Rand Paul’s success and message?
• claimed you “do not need a conspiracy theory”, nor do you need to look at the “Bilderberg Group” to explain the situation

Ironically, Crime Inc is a Bilderberg design. George Soros one of it’s key members.

Glenn is fly fishing to attract a crowd of viewers. When his ratings go down as a result of propaganda, he brings some truth back in. Then he tugs the line, hoping to have some fish dangling from the hook.

Ask the important question.

What will attacking labor unions serve? What effect does bringing in racial divide to criticize the labor union movement serve?

Will what Beck suggests create unity or create division?

Will the attack on the labor pensions protect the wealth of the average worker in America, or further the globalists goal to strip wealth and effectively put more Americans at the mercy of the very government Beck claims is corrupt?

I guess we can safely answer a previous question. Beck is not likely to give 9/11 a fair trial either, and will never join the dot that started the right-stripping ball rolling.

Beck as the counter-Obama will in effect take care of those opposed to the Obama regime, and will continue to attack the wealth of America. The greatest remaining wealth is in labor union member pension plans, and the attacks will be harsh and unforgiving.

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