A video shows Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson leading a large group of white people inside a church to make a collective ‘apology’ to African-Americans.

Yes, really.

The weird incantation sounds more like a prayer than an apology.

“I’m going to ask the white Americans in the room to please repeat after me,” said Williamson as the white participants in the room place their hands on black people.

The words in full;

“On behalf of myself and on behalf of my country, to you and all African-Americans from the beginning of our nation’s history in honor of your ancestors and on behalf of your children pleas hear this from my heart – I apologize – please forgive us.”

With this prayer I acknowledge the depths of the evils that have perpetrated against black people in America.

From slavery to lynchings, to white supremacist laws, to the denial of voting rights, to all the ways both large and small.

All of them evil – all of them wrong – for all the oppression and all of the injustices – I apologize – please forgive us.”

Respondents to the video were unimpressed.

“This is pretty pathetic. These people are apologizing for things they are not responsible for,” remarked one.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Marianne Williamson your guilt counselor,” joked another.

Marianne Williamson, who is primarily a self-help author, is polling extremely low but has reached the threshold that qualifies her to take part in the second round of Democratic debates at the end of July.


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