In an interview recorded months before the revelations emerged about Kevin Spacey, the actor is caught on camera agreeing that he is “one of the good guys” while making a strange facial expression.

Spacey’s career was sunk last month when a 14-year-old boy accused the House of Cards star of sexually assaulting him. Spacey apologized for the incident, but claimed he was drunk and then tried to deflect media attention by coming out as gay.

During a June interview about the movie Baby Driver, Spacey is keen to stress to a BBC journalist how well he treats other people on the set and how he calls out other actors for mistreating staff.

“Bullies are not used to being confronted,” said the actor.

“Is that one of your philosophies in life – just be one of the good guys?” the interviewer asks Spacey.

“Yeah,” responds Spacey after a pause and a slightly odd facial expression.

Given what we’ve learned over the last couple of weeks, the clip is creepy to say the least.

As we reported yesterday, a Reddit user alleged that Spacey was a pedophile over a year ago after he saw him behaving inappropriately around young boys in a VIP nightclub in Bangkok, Thailand.

Spacey was hit by another assault claim yesterday when a former television anchor accused the actor of groping her 18-year-old son’s genitals in July last year at a bar on a holiday island off Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Watch the full BBC interview with Spacey below.


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