Vice President Joe Biden is being criticized after making a series of inappropriate remarks and gestures during the swearing in of new congressional staff.

On Tuesday, the VP’s creepy antics were broadcast live to the world via C-SPAN 2.

Footage shows Biden grab Delaware Senator Chris Coons’ daughter Maggie by the arm following a photo shoot. He whispers something into her ear before leaning in for a quick peck, which the senator’s daughter does her best to avoid.

Biden also made distasteful comments about the attractiveness of other senator’s daughters.

Via the Daily Mail:

When introduced to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch’s teenage granddaughter Emily, Biden commented: ‘I hope you have a big fence around the house!’

The comment was made as Biden posed with the 80-year-old Republican senator’s large family, on the day he officially became president pro tempore of Congress.

Biden thought the joke about the girl’s good looks so funny, he whipped it out again when he met the daughter of freshman Senator Joni Ernst.

Pictures from the event show Biden with his arm around the Republican’s daughter Libby, as Senator Ernst placeh [sic] her hand on a Bible to be sworn in.

The Daily Mail speculates Biden may have felt comfortable harassing the congressmens’ families “since he spent more than three decades in the Senate.”

Biden’s cringe-worthy behavior comes on the heels of an widening pedophile scandal involving billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who it was recently revealed met with former US President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and a slew of other wealthy financiers and politicians on a private island on numerous occasions.

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