Senior doctors in the Welsh capital of Cardiff have reported a rise in “punishment stabbings” designed to maim their victims, and that they are dealing with knife wounds almost every week.

Speaking to the BBC, Dr James Dunn of the University Hospital of Wales in the regional British city said hospital staff were seeing “people stabbed in limbs over arteries” in attacks reminiscent of “the days of punishment beatings in Northern Ireland with kneecappings.”

“All of us feel like we’re seeing more knife crime,” he said — as well as a new phenomenon he referred to as “spoking”.

“Spoking is where you use a very thin spoke of a wheel [to stab someone],” the physician explained.

“The wound isn’t obviously dangerous when first performed but clearly a spoke that’s six to eight inches long into the heart or liver is significant and as fatal as a zombie knife or kitchen knife,” he warned.

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