Activists of the Crimea blockade said on Thursday they would not allow workers to repair a power line leading from Ukraine into the Black Sea peninsula, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Ukrenergo national energy company has said.

“We have 24 hours to complete the effort to repair the power line. However, the protesters say they will not allow us to repair works. At the moment the issue is being discussed. All the repair teams are ready to start completing the repair,” Zinoviy Butsyo told the 112 TV channel.

The repair works at the Kakhovskaya-Titan power line began on Tuesday, he said, while failing to confirm that the electricity supply to Crimea would be restored. “This will depend on the agreements between the protesters and the Kiev authorities.”

Crimea was cut off electricity supplies from Ukraine on November 22. As a result of actions carried out by Ukrainian radicals, all four transmission lines running from Ukraine were damaged.

On Tuesday, workers started repairing one of the power lines that supplies electricity to two districts of the Kherson region, in southern Ukraine, north of Crimea. Experts say restoring the supplies via this line only will not change the situation significantly.

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