Patriotic Americans are encouraged to protest Crooked Hillary near her speaking engagement this Friday from 10 AM to 1 PM EDT at Riverfront Sports Arena in Scranton, PA.

“It begins this Friday! Patriots, you are invited to join us in Scranton, PA as we peacefully protest the presumptive Democratic nominee…” the NeverHillary2016 Facebook page writes. “So come wearing your anti-Hillary apparel (including those cool Hillary for Prison tee shirts) and bring signs stating your desire that she doesn’t win the 2016 Presidential Election.”

“We need to show up in numbers that let people know we don’t support this woman for President. She will be speaking with VP Joe Biden at 12 Noon, so get there early and join us in Scranton.”

Exercise your right to protest and let Hillary know we will no longer accept her blatant criminal behavior!

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