Understanding the precise location of the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is key to understanding how this “crisis” was carefully planned out by skilled military strategists. Not only was it planned to apply more pressure on Russia via sanctions from the E.U. and to bring in support militarily for our puppet regime in Kiev, but it was also strategically located to bisect the secessionist uprising in eastern Ukraine, leaving Dontsk isolated and ultimately defenseless for yet another Fallujah type onslaught.

Yesterday I wrote about how Royal Dutch Shell, a company from the Netherlands and one of the most powerful companies in the world, had a huge stake in securing eastern Ukraine for their own shareholder’s interests.

Today, this morning, I have expanded upon the map that I created showing the area in question in relation to Shell’s LNG field. With the help of a graphs showing the history of the conflict and current military advances in eastern Ukraine from the New York Times, I hope to show you how the exact placement of that wreck provides not only a humanitarian pretext for calling those rebels “terrorists” and bringing in NATO forces as well as military aid, but also a key positional aspect which is now driving the endgame of the military conflict.

Below the break are 6 new graphics detailing the recent history of the conflict between the separatists in the east and our puppet regime in Kiev. The last two show what I believe based on reports from sources from the Netherlands, Kiev and Washington (published sources, not exclusive ones) to be the endgame in this conflict. As you will see, it is classic military strategy supported by a narrative that would not and could not exist without the downing of Flight MH17.



As many have rightly pointed out over the course of this manufactured crisis, neither the rebels of the east nor Russia had any motive to bring down a commercial airliner in the midst of this conflict. Nor did they have the equipment to do so.

However, as you can see, there were many who did. Our puppet regime in Kiev, Joe Biden’s son and his new company and Royal Dutch Shell certainly had every motive in the world to bring it down. And not just to bring it down, but to bring it down so that the wreckage is right there in the most strategically important spot that would secure the endgame of this conflict.

Now, with the narrative developing that Kiev needs assistance to “secure the crash site” for investigators, they are free to seek help from the Netherlands and other NATO countries like the U.S. and the U.K. (Shell is also based out of London) in order to facilitate that operation even though most on the ground reports are that the rebels are not actually interfering with the crash site nor preventing investigators from reaching it.

This is crisis warfare: the seamless blending of psychological operations, real-time military strategy and geopolitical economic goals.

We can argue all day long about whether the scene was staged or Flight Mh17 was shot down by Ukrainian forces. But you can’t argue the facts on the ground. The location of the wreckage, the immediate crafting of the official “terrorists did it” narrative and the ongoing military campaign by the Ukrainian forces to secure the LNG reserves at all costs points to one thing: there was a motive for this crisis and it wasn’t crafted by the rebels.

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