Hillary Clinton is being blasted in the media for putting on a fake southern accent during an interview with South Carolina Democratic party chairman Jaime Harrison.

“We made a mashup of some of the most painfully pandering moments, and ranked the intensity of her accent with cowboy boots (1 = lowest, 5 = strongest),” reports The Hill. “During the interview, as in many of her speeches to people who live in the South, she put on a Southern accent that is absent from her speeches to Northerners.”

Hateful right-wing cranks like Alex Jones have also jumped on Hillary in the past for completely changing the sound of her voice when she’s speaking in front of black audiences.

Hillary should be able to audibly identify as a black southerner as and when she pleases, even if that’s only during a 30 minute interview in a particular geographic area of the country.

Any criticism of Hillary’s choice of speech is trans-accent-phobia, and merely another illustration of the bigotry that all trans people have to deal with on a daily basis.

Caitlyn Jenner faced an onslaught of vitriol when she came out as transgender, but the Internet rallied behind her and she was subsequently given a ‘Courage Award’ for wearing a dress.

Likewise, when Rachel Dolezal bravely went public and admitted that she was “trans-racial,” she was subjected to the most vile hatred imaginable. Thankfully, MSNBC viewers were on hand to offer their vehement support.

Like Dolezal, who just happened to be born white, criticism of Hillary’s decision to vocally identify as a black woman is deeply racist.

Unfortunately, we are also seeing a disturbing rise in transphobia when it comes to people who are ‘transpregnant’, in other words, people who were born as women but have since identified as men and are now expecting babies.

Luckily, there are armies of social justice warriors like the ones below to set the record straight.

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