Political artist Anthony Freda and filmmaker John Massaria took to the streets of Manhattan to release a sculpture parody of Hillary Clinton dressed like a mob boss.

The idea was to unleash her into the wilds of New York and let citizens write what they think of her on the statue itself.

People were eager to express themselves and play along with the interactive street art stunt.

The piece was designed to mimic an effigy you might find in a tawdry carnival side show, a fitting tribute to the presidential campaign of 2016.

Some of the comments scrawled on the art with provided markers included: Wikileaks, Liar, Goldman Sachs, and phony.

To be fair, about one in five of the comments were pro-Hill tags.

This was an exercise in free speech and people were free to write whatever they felt.

She was last spotted being wheeled around the mean streets by a homeless man who was accepting donations for pictures with the statue.

If you happen to see her, make sure and leave a comment.

Hillary has pledged to shut down dissenting media if elected, so this might be a rare chance to critique the politician.


Anthony Freda

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