A Democrat running for senate in Virginia made an inadvertent joke before a debate audience Thursday when she talked about how Obamacare had made health insurance “more affordable.”

Democrat challenger LuAnn Bennett was attempting to argue the Affordable Care Act had helped ease the nation’s “healthcare crisis.”

“The Affordable Care Act has made healthcare more affordable,” Bennett said, as people in the audience – who live the reality of Obamacare everyday – begin laughing. “And increased access,” she adds.

Republicans in the state argue Virginians will see an unsustainable 15 percent increase in health insurance costs by 2017, according to WVIR.

“This is a systemic problem when you start talking about what you can do to help the middle class. One of the things we’ve got to do is get our handle around this unsustainable cost curve,” 7th District Senator Frank Wagner told the NBC affiliate.

Similar situations can be found all across the country as states buckle under the pressure.


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The incident is reminiscent of a similar event that happened at a debate in Florida last month when Democrat Charlie Crist called Hillary “honest.”

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