Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz say they are spending $1 million on television and radio advertisements that portray rival Marco Rubio as unserious — using fantasy football as a means for getting their message across. Left unsaid is that the Rubio footage included is a spoof made by the candidate himself.

The 30-second TV version of the ad opens with images of armed soldiers and a warning that the Islamic State terrorist group is “plotting to kill Americans.” It soon pivots to the question, “What would Marco Rubio’s leadership look like?” and shows him at a laptop computer and on a mobile phone. “Yeah, I know I have a debate, but I’ve got to get this fantasy football thing right, OK?” The ad concludes by saying “America can’t afford to gamble with its safety.”

The fantasy football clip is from Rubio’s own campaign. It was meant as comedy relief before the GOP debate in October. The campaign put the video on Youtube and included a link to sign up to support Rubio.

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