Michael O’Brien and Carrie Dann
NBC News
September 24, 2013

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor just after 2:41 p.m. on Tuesday, vowing to speak in opposition to Obamacare “until [he] is no longer able to stand.”

“I rise today in opposition to Obamacare,” Cruz said upon being recognized for what essentially amounts to little more than a very, very long speech. The speech is not formally considered a filibuster in the sense that it is not being used to hold up legislation, per se. The Senate will still proceed with a vote on Wednesday to take up legislation to fund the government (and defund Obamacre) passed last week by Republicans in the House.

“I intend to speak in support of defunding ObamaCare until I am no longer able to stand, to do everything that I can to help Americans stand together,” the hard-charging Texas senator said.

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