Ted Cruz “won” a staged convention vote in Wyoming on Saturday and picked up 14 delegates.

The Wyoming convention mirrored the previous effort in Colorado where GOP bosses made the decision, not the voters.

“Look at what happened in Wyoming,” Trump told supporters in Syracuse, New York. “Look at what’s happening in Colorado, where the people never got a chance to vote and they’re going nuts out there. They’re angry—the bosses took away their vote.”

On Friday Trump’s campaign said it expected the convention to hand the delegates the Cruz.

“This process is favorable toward party-insider folks,” Alan Cobb, a senior Trump adviser, told the Associated Press. “When you don’t have a vote of the people, it just favors (Cruz) The very insider, narrow pathways like Wyoming, they just don’t work very well for us.”

Republican Wyoming Congresswoman Rep. Cynthia Lummis admitted the process in Wyoming is similar to the one in Colorado where establishment insiders pick the candidate.

“I don’t think it was unfair,” she said. “I think Cruz had the superior knowledge of how the process worked and executed a better ground game to take advantage of the way the process worked.”

The Cruz shoo-in was planned in March by the party bosses. Ogden Driskill, a Republican state senator from Devils Tower, served as a token uncommitted delegate. “Cruz is a hardcore conservative, you can’t call him anything else. Trump is an unknown quantity,” he said.

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