Ted Cruz won the Kansas caucus in a victory which ultimately may not shift the race much because the delegates are split between the candidates.

With 100% of precincts reporting, Cruz won 24 delegates compared to Donald Trump’s nine, and Marco Rubio came in a distant third with six delegates awarded while John Kasich pulled in one.

Kansas held a closed caucus in which only registered Republicans can vote, which was a disadvantage to Trump who relies on broad support from independents, moderates, crossover Democrats and even libertarian-leaning conservatives.

“Trump hasn’t done all that well in caucuses, and Ted Cruz won Kansas’s southern neighbor, Oklahoma, and Iowa, just to the northeast,” FiveThirtyEight.com reported. “Three delegates are awarded proportionally in each of Kansas’s four congressional districts, with no minimum thresholds.”

Overall, 168 delegates are up for grabs in primaries this weekend, or 14% of the 1,237 needed to clinch the nomination, but because most of contests mostly award their delegates proportionally, it’s unlikely one single candidate will gain the vast majority of the 168 delegates.

In fact, Kasich may pick up some delegates this weekend, and that’s not good for Cruz, who needs far more delegates to have a chance to win the nomination outright.

Cruz may also win Maine, but like Kansas, it’s a closed caucus that’s bad news for Trump.

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