Left-vs-right sideshow is a near perfect system for the ruling elite

Kurt Nimmo
February 3, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman. Photo: Justin Hoch
Philip Seymour Hoffman. Photo: Justin Hoch

The body of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was hardly cold when the Meir Kahane of the neocon sect, Ben Shapiro, blamed it on the so-called Left.

Hoffman’s “self-inflicted death is yet another hallmark of the broken leftist culture that dominates Hollywood, enabling rather than preventing the loss of some of its greatest talents,” Shapiro wrote on Sunday over at neocon central, the National Review.

Shaprio offers no further explanation what precisely “leftist culture” is or how it led to Hoffman’s death, if it did. True, Hollywood celebrities are predominately liberal, but we are not clued in on how this might lead to an actor using narcotics. Is Shaprio saying liberal “culture” promotes drug use, or merely tolerant of it? Does tolerance negate personal responsibility?

Shaprio used the “L” word, libertarian, so we must conclude he thinks it does. For neocons, there is little difference between dope smoking free sex hippies and libertarians.

Rush Limbaugh does not consider himself a liberal. Some would say he is the polar opposite of a Hollywood liberal. Did “rightist culture” lead to Limbaugh’s OxyContin addiction? No, of course not. And so-called “leftist culture” didn’t lead to Hoffman’s death, either.

It is fair to say Philip Seymour Hoffman suffered from depression. His death had more to do with the perils of self-medication and dangerous drugs than any sort of cultural or societal permissiveness. Millions of people try to do the same thing with alcohol and prescription drugs. Are they Leftist, too?

The Left cries about the supposed Right advocating war and making excuses for predatory capitalism, while the Right complains about cultural Marxism and a destructive permissiveness leading to a decadent tolerance for drugs and abortion.

The two sides fight it out ad nauseam in circus sideshow fashion. Meanwhile, Rome burns in the background.

The left-vs-right sideshow is a near perfect system for the ruling elite who operate outside the firing range behind the scenes. Most people line up like football spectators and cheer their team on while bankster and corporatist criminals make off with the goods below the bleachers and out of sight of the goal line.

In October, investigative journalist Ben Swann put it into perspective:

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