John Thomas Douglass
Planet Infowars
Sept. 19, 2013

With “internet memes” becoming ever popular in the social media/networking realms it provides us with easy opportunity to use popular culture to expose those who have not been exposed to the ideas and individuals of the Liberty movement and restoration of the Republic. These memes are becoming popular in such a way that the users have created a new slang with them often referencing well-known memes in social situations both online and offline similar to the way that Hashtags became popular on Twitter then spread into the culture being referenced in Facebook status update and comments, used in regular conversation and even depicted in recent commercials. It could be argued that much like with Twitter’s character use limit internet memes are are form of New Speak (George Orwell’s novel 1984) limiting our ability to express complex ideas. Our desire is for the opposite and to utilize internet memes in favor of Liberty-mindedness and empowering the Individual.

Internet memes typically rely on images, characters, scenes and quotations from popular movies, television series, etc. to relate and transpose them onto everyday social situations. In my experience the generation of youth that have recently completed graduate studies, graduated college/university studies, and graduated high school entering college/university seem to make up the largest demographic of social media users that Memes are popular on such as Facebook, 9gag, likealaugh, ebaumsworld and many, many others. They seem to be greatly isolated from the ideas of Liberty and and the United States Constitution as well as the prominent people spreading them. Products of the public school system, there is a huge population that have never heard of the regular expert guests that Alex Jones and others bring to us each week like Wayne Madsen, Paul Craig Roberts, Jon Rappaport, Col. Shaffer, Dr. Blaylock, Ben Fuchs, Max Keiser, Gerald Celente just to name a few – people with incredible backgrounds and credentials. There is a huge population that have not already been told that the ideas of Liberty is crazy or that Alex Jones and Ron Paul are cooks or that someone like Bill Gates is not the greatest guy in the world just because he is a billionaire. The “internet meme” allows someone to very succinctly inject an idea in a way that the consumer will not immediately reject. If the consumer has an objection to the content of the meme it could end up as an opportunity to engage in debate and discussion. Simply raising Liberty ideas and ideals in any social setting is a victory for Humanity…


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