As Obama and the CDC claim only an infinitesimal risk of an Ebola outbreak exists, the Department of Defense is nonetheless preparing to deploy a 30-person “quick-strike” military team to treat Ebola patients within the U.S., claiming that doing so is not a violation of posse comitatus.

With the federal government’s attempts to leverage the Ebola crisis becoming more and more overt, it is necessary to continue reminding the American people of the Obama administration’s role in perpetuating the outbreak.

Wake the sleepwalking public to the Obama administration’s problem-reaction-solution methods by participating in Infowars’ latest contest: “#Obola: #TyrannyIsTheDisease.”

There’s only one week left to film yourself plastering up posters critical of our dear leader’s role in the great Ebola debacle. Put up your posters in lawful places and you could win big bucks!

Watch Alex’s contest announcement from the Alex Jones Show:

First prize wins $5,000 by producing a poster and a video of its placement in a lawful public commons area. Second prize wins $2,000 and third prize wins $500.

The poster should stress the term #Obola, or lampoon the word #Ebola by switching the letter “o” out for Obama’s familiar rising sun logo, and must include the “” web address.

Infowars is providing a few examples of posters to choose from (also below), however, we also encourage you to get creative and come up with your own motif. Make the poster about Ebola and guns, vaccines, war, etc.; the sky’s the limit.

This contest is similar to the Obama Joker poster contest we ran a few years back.

Watch the winning Obama Joker contest entry below to get an idea of what we’re looking for:

Make sure you read all of the rules to ensure your entry is eligible.

Send entries with your Facebook and Twitter info to [email protected].

Contest ends October 24 at midnight with the winner to be announced on October 31.

Infowars poster ideas are below (click for larger images):


Download large version


Download large version


Download large version

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