Violence exploded again last night in Ferguson, MO, despite a midnight-to-5 a.m.- curfew set by Gov. Jay Nixon when he declared a state of emergency.

A week after a black teenager was shot to death by a Ferguson officer, police arrested seven and blasted tear gas and smoke canisters into crowds. Riot squads using body shields, with some driving armored vehicles, battle to disperse protesters that the night before had turned violent and looted stores.

Meanwhile, a man in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson was shot and critically wounded, but not by police. Also, a gunman fired on a police car, officials said, but no one was injured in that incident.

Early Sunday morning, State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson held a press conference to answer questions about reports of violence after the curfew went into effect.

“At the time that the team started moving forward they continued to deploy smoke. As they moved forward then they got a report of a shooting victim near the QuikTrip and Red’s Barbecue. As they approached Red’s Barbecue they did deploy tear gas at Red’s Barbecue at that point. That was the first canister that was deployed there, in an effort to move back and get to the shooting victim. Also a police car at that location was shot at. We can’t confirm that it was struck just yet but the police car was shot at and retreated back up West Florissant toward Chambers. The shooting victim has been transported to the hospital in critical condition. St. Louis County will be investigating that shooting.”

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