The Czech Republic recently erected boards with signs informing their Chinese tourists of the events of the Tiananmen Square protests which took place in 1989–something that has been reportedly covered up by the Chinese government for over thirty years.

The cultural significance of these boards comes at a time where China’s reputation, on a global scale, is at an all-time low.

Following a disinformation campaign over the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic, faulty reporting, and sending defective medical equipment all over the world, the East Asian economic powerhouse has not made many friends.

But the global community has placed much of China’s activity under scrutiny for its failure to stand up to contemporary standards and ethics.

Before the global crisis, China’s treatment of religious and political dissidents drew ample criticism. In particular, reports of their Western Chinese Uighur Muslim population being subjected to torture and concentration camps gripped global headlines.

In 2015, China told the world that they would stop harvesting political and religious prisoners’ organs. However, following an improbable double-lung transplant that took place on February 28, speculation over how the organs were ethically-sourced–given the relatively small pool of voluntary organ donors; and the time taken to acquire the healthy, matching organs–has prompted a discussion over organ harvesting, again.

On the Tiananmen Square incident, Yajoop reported:

First, know about that performance, which is still the biggest stigma on China’s forehead. Fed up with communist rule, many teachers and students demonstrated peacefully against Chinese rule on 4 June 1989 in China. But this demonstration to China’s autocratic power began to prick it like a colic, and he sent his ruthless army to crush it. The world-famous picture of a man standing in front of a tank still reflects China’s barbarity.

It has been 30 years since then, but even today only a few people dare to speak about that barbaric case. China leaves no stone unturned to justify this barbarity. Even today China has kept the world in the dark about what really happened that day, and how many people were killed.

The mention of Tiananmen Square is the last nail in the coffin of any country’s relationship with China. But looking at the history of the Czech Republic, it seems that he deliberately wants to reveal the true nature of China to everyone. Prague Mayor Zadinek Harib has not read any praise in China like other countries, and has attacked China on every possible opportunity, from China’s atrocities on the Uygar Muslim to his arrogance over Taiwan.

The Czech Republic is also one of multiple countries to have received defective medical equipment to combat the crisis from China.

A whopping 80% of coronavirus test kits from China were reported to have been faulty–putting the Czech taxpayer over $2 million out of pocket.

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