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Oct. 4, 2013

With every news station and web site in the world focusing on yesterdays car chase in D.C. there are plenty of sources to find information about this story. Many of them in very long winded articles that most people will not read entirely through. So here is the condensed version.

A woman and her 18 month old child got caught up in a check point drill that D.C. area authorities had been participating in for a few days before the incident. The authorities had placed barricades and check points all along Pennsylvania Avenue and this woman from Connecticut got very nervous as she approached them. She attempted to turn around to leave the check point area at which point multiple officers pulled their guns on her.

Freaked out at having a gun pointed in her face the woman attempted a three point turn that ended up grazing a secret service member. That is also the point in which she accidentally hit in to a barricade in front of the White House. While trying to flea these D.C. goons pointing guns at her they opened fire on her vehicle even though there was no danger to any of the officers as she was driving away from them.

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