Jen Chung
June 18, 2012

The National 9/11 Memorial and Museum is still under construction—while the memorial is open to visitors, the museum was supposed to open this September, but there’s been a lot of infighting. More recently, there’s been reports of the building going over budget again and this past weekend Governors Cuomo and Christie asked the National Parks Service to step in to help manage it. Now the drama continues—with reports that Cuomo is upset at Mayor Bloomberg’s staff for treating his dad, former Governor Mario Cuomo, badly and that’s why he’s been withholding funding!

Apparently this all goes back to last year’s September 11 anniversary events. From the Post:

The elder Cuomo was first hassled about 6:45 a.m. that Sunday as he tried to clear security and get into the perimeter of the World Trade Center site.

A short time later, he was again blocked — that time as he tried to access the 9/11 memorial. That confrontation was defused only when a PA official intervened.

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