Butler Shaffer
February 23, 2014

Other LRC readers may already have seen or know about the Dallas Buyers Club movie but, in case you haven’t seen it it is well worth seeing. It is about a man who was diagnosed with HIV, told he has but thirty days to live, and told – by his doctor – that he should just content himself with spending his final days taking the prescribed AZT. He (gasp!) dares to do some research on his own, discovers that there are alternative treatments that have proven beneficial, and then learns such alternatives have not been approved by the FDA and, consequently, are not available in America.

I won’t divulge any more of the story than this, other than to mention that every agency of the federal government that plays a role in this film comes off as a sluggish gang of louts: the FDA, DEA, FBI, Customs, and IRS are coercively brought to bear upon this impoverished, dying man who is attempting to save his life.

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