Alex Jones: Infowars Host and His Followers Occupy the Dallas Fed Friday

Leslie Minora
Dallas Observer
Saturday, October 8, 2011

Comment: This is a fair article, but the numbers who attended are closer to 400 for the Infowars Occupy the Fed rally and another 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters who joined to demonstrate, so 500 in total. The rally was a huge success – on to Houston tonight!

Friday evening, two groups of protesters, Occupy Dallas and Occupy the Federal Reserve, lined opposite side of N. Pearl Street at Woodall Rodgers in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. “We got sold out, Feds got bailed out!” Occupy Dallas protesters shouted in unison on the west side of Pearl. And, all around them, the Occupy the Federal Reserve crowd — consisting of fans and followers of Dallas-born, Austin-based radio-show hostAlex Jones — had their own mantra: “End the Fed, End the Fed!”

It’s tough to say whose crowd was bigger — probably around 200 on both sides. Police said the protesters had been peaceful; only one person’s been arrested since the Occupy Dallas folks began their demonstrating Thursday morning. “They’re well-behaved, so that helps a lot,” said Sergeant Thomas Fry, scanning the crowd.

Jones — the 9/11 truther, a man who recently called the Gates Foundation “obviously a eugenics operation,” the street preacher in Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly and, to a few, a resurrected Bill Hicks — grabbed a megaphone a little after 6 p.m. “A hundred years of these scumbag bankers is a hundred years too long,” he yelled.

“I love you, Alex!” a voice carried over the crowd.

“I love you guys. You’re the only prayer we’ve got,” Jones yelled back.

Full story here.

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