Five schools in Dallas are set to install remote temperature monitors in order to detect fevers among students as the fear of an Ebola outbreak spreads among residents.

Produced by Wello Inc., the “WelloStation” devices will provide “fever surveillance” detection in order to alert school faculty to possible fluctuations in body temperatures according to the company’s website.

“The WelloStation measures your body’s core temperature using a patented, non-contact and non-invasive process,” the product description reads. “An elevated body temperature is the number one indicator of infection. WelloStation quickly screens for fevered individuals so you can either prevent them from entering or perform additional medical checks.”

The announcement follows more than a week of countless fumbles by local and federal authorities as suspected Ebola cases begin popping up across the country.

Law enforcement officers were outraged Thursday after finding out that five unprotected employees with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department were ordered to enter the apartment of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan to present his quarantined family with a court order barring them from leaving their home.

Later that day, Americans were shocked to find an unprotected cleaning crew using pressure washers to blast potentially tainted vomit off the sidewalk outside of the Ebola patient’s home.

Texas health officials also admitted Thursday that the apartment had not yet been cleaned despite protocol. A Hazmat crew finally called out to the scene more than three days after the initial prognosis was delayed further after being ordered to obtain a permit in order to clean the apartment.

A growing number of experts including the United Nations’ Ebola response chief and professors at the University of Illinois are warning that the current situation could spiral out of control if federal authorities do not begin taking more drastic measures.

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