Damascus do not object to the creation of a broad international coalition aimed at countering the global terrorist threat.

Syrian authorities do not object to the creation of a broad international coalition aimed at countering the global terrorist threat, Syria’s Ambassador to the UN Bashar Jaafari said Monday.”We do not oppose a broad international coalition against terrorism being created one day,” Lebanese Al Mayadeen television cited Jaafari, who heads the Damascus delegation at the intra-Syrian proximity talks, as saying.

The Syrian envoy added that if countries who were part of such a coalition wanted to carry out operations on the territory of Syria, they were “obliged to coordinate their activities with the country’s government.”

A US-led international coalition has been conducting an aerial operation on Daesh positions in Syria since 2014, without the permission of the UN Security Council or Damascus.

Moscow, which had been conducting its own airstrikes on terrorists in Syria since September at the request of Damascus, has repeatedly pushed for the creation of a broader international coalition to combat terrorism. The United States has publicly rejected deeper cooperation with Russia to counter terrorism, citing fundamental differences in the two nations’ political stances on issues related to the Middle East.

Russia started the withdrawal of its military aircraft from Syria on September 15. On Friday, the Russian Duma approved a resolution calling on international legislatures to create a broad international coalition to combat the threat of terrorism, after deadly terror attacks shook Brussels on Tuesday. Daesh, which is outlawed in many countries, including Russia and the United States, claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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