James Damore’s class action lawsuit against Google is packed with astounding details, such as the revelation that a Google employee who sexually identifies as a “yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin” and “an expansive ornate building” gave a talk at a company event.

Damore filed the lawsuit after alleging that Google discriminates against white conservative men while positively discriminating in favor of all manner of other protected groups. He charges that he was “openly threatened and subjected to harassment and retaliation from Google” for holding heterodox political views.

The complaint reveals how “alternative lifestyles, including furries, polygamy, transgenderism, and plurality” were encouraged.

“For instance, an employee who sexually identifies as “a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin” and “an expansive ornate building” presented a talk entitled “Living as a Plural Being” at an internal company event,” states the lawsuit.

Yes, it’s actually in there, page 27, footnote 3.

According to the lawsuit, while discussion of bizarre fringe lifestyles is encouraged, “The only lifestyle that seems to not be openly discussed on Google’s internal forums is traditional heterosexual monogamy.”

Elsewhere in the complaint, we learn that the mere physical presence of white men prompted ridicule and condemnation.

“Not only was the numerical presence of women celebrated at Google solely due to their gender, but the presence of Caucasians and males was mocked with “boos” during company-wide weekly meetings. This unacceptable behavior occurred at the hands of high-level managers at Google who were responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of hiring and firing decisions during the Class Periods,” states the complaint.

The lawsuit is particularly devastating for the left and social justice warriors because it demolishes their argument that it’s impossible to be racist against white people because they hold institutionalized power.

The Damore complaint tears this notion apart, exposing how one of the biggest corporations in America and the world encourages its employees to literally boo, discriminate against & mistreat white men because of their gender and skin color.

As we reported yesterday, the presence of individuals with conservative beliefs also literally triggered actual alarms, while Google directly banned Alex Jones from its properties.


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