Daniel Taylor
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April 25, 2008

A dangerous pattern has emerged as We are Change activists are framed for assault, and open calls for violence at the upcoming Democratic National Convention are proclaimed.

Rush Limbaugh has openly called for mass riots in "operation chaos" at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Denver Colorado. "I am not inspiring or inciting riots, I am dreaming of riots in Denver," said Limbaugh. Limbaugh stated that he hopes for a replay of the Chicago riots.

This follows the revelation that the anarchist group recreate 68 is preparing to stage violent acts at the DNC. Truthalliance.net reports,

"ReCreate 68 has a massive anti war protest planned for the DNC on the 24th, to which they were never issued a permit for. Sparking the press to cover the story, Glenn Spagnuolo, the organizer of the group, threatened the City of Denver and all who visit the Democratic National Convention with potential violence, making a direct threat regarding his un-permited plan to occupy the Civic Center, "If the cops try to stop us, we’ll see what happens." The threat estimates there will be 50,000 anti-war demonstrators who will overwhelm law enforcement. Re-create 68 is now on a collision course with law enforcement to re-create the violence of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago."

In addition to the danger of violence at the DNC, the peaceful activist group We are Change has been the target of multiple frame up attempts.

Luke Rudkowski, founder of We are Change, was called a "terrorist" by police for standing in front of the new World Trade Center #7 building and threatened with being put "…in the hole for 30 days".

"A terrorist act– I guess they go away for about 30 days," said the officer. Rudkowski responds, saying that he is an American citizen, when the officer states, "You’re right. But by the time the government figures it out, you’ll be in the hole for 30 days."

In August of last year, peaceful protesters who gathered in Montebello Canada to protest the SPP encountered police posing as protesters with threatening rocks, but the peaceful activists were wise enough to spot them and denounce their tactics.

Members of We are Change Ireland were smeared recently in a supposed attack on a European MEP. Paul Watson writes,

"During an attempt to assault activists who asked him a question in Dublin, a European MEP tripped and fell on his face and the entire incident was caught on camera, but that didn’t stop the media from reporting that an "anti-EU gang" of thugs had screamed abuse and assaulted Proinsias de Rossa – in a crass attempt to smear opposition to the European Union."

Now, We are Change activist Gary Talis has been smeared for supposedly attacking a wheelchair bound girl. Cowardly calls for violence against Mr. Talis are prevalent in the wake of this most recent frame up.

As this current pattern unfolds, peaceful groups need to be wary of provocateurs attempting to incite violence or frame peaceful activists for committing criminal acts. Keep your cameras rolling and stand strong. Attempts to frame and provocateur peaceful groups only serve to demonstrate the frustration and fear the establishment is feeling.

If violence does ensue at the DNC or elsewhere, the expanding police state will be empowered even further. The provocateurs’ goal is to fulfill the image that the mainstream media is attempting to create surrounding peaceful activists as being violent anarchists who damage America’s image. Violence will only tighten the grip of the already tightening system.

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