Lykke Friis and Troels Lund Poulsen to be investigated thoroughly in fraud case

NOTE: Loose translation from Danish below; obviously text is not exact. Lykke Friis is a Trilateral Commission member and was intimately involved with all things CO2 during the United Nations Copenhagen climate change summit in 2009.

John Mynderup
Ekstra Bladet
August 25, 2011
Denmark’s public revision expands investigations: Was the Danish parliament Folketinget mislead regarding the the scandal of the CO2-quota-fraud for billions?

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The nationally employed corps of accountants Rigsrevisionen/Denmarks public revision fired of a gigantic four-level rocket on Wednesday regarding the scandal of the billion dollar fraud under the Danish Co2-qouta-register. The rocket was fired in an internal note between rigsrevisor (accountant of the kingdom) Henrik Otbo and to the parliament Folketingets statsrevisorer (accountants of the nation).
(The note can be found here
It is clear from the note – that the Rigsrevisionen (accountants of the kingdom) now intensifies and expands the investigation ofminister for energy and climate Lykke Friis and former taxminister Troels Lund Poulsen – and their respective roles regarding the scandalous danish Co2-qouta-register. Including the issues of the said ministers giving misleading answers to the Danish parliament.
Europol estimates the fraud @ 38 billion danish kroner = around 5.5 billions USD.
Similar cases are being investigated all over Europe – all of them deriving from the danish qouta-registrate under the responsibility of Trilateral Comissionmember Lykke Friis.
During to years from 2007-2009 the Board of Lykke Friis – Energistyrelsen – did not demand any identification from entities tapping into the danish Co2-qouta-system. Denmarks register then grew to be the worlds largest with a total of 1.256 accounts. After the fraud was discovered only 30 accounts remains – the number of valid accounts.
(This section contains details on Danish domestic politics. Not translated.)
Ekstra Bladet has emailed the article to Lykke Friis before publishing it – but she refused to answer.

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