A Danish politician has been convicted with “racism” and ordered to pay a fine for offending Muslims under a law which makes insulting someone’s religion a criminal offense.

Former European Parliament member Mogens Camre, who currently serves as a Danish People’s Party councilor in Gladsaxe, was hit with a fine of 8,000 DKK (1186 USD), for a tweet in which he compared radical Islam to Nazism.

“Muslims continue where Hitler stopped. Only the same treatment that Hitler got will change the situation,” Camre tweeted last July.

After the tweet was reported, Camre was charged under the Criminal Code racism clause 266 b paragraph 1, which makes it a crime to offend, “a group of people (who) were threatened, insulted or degraded on account of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation.” The law is based on a United Nations directive.

Prosecutor Natalja Lindberg claimed that Camre was blaming Muslims for the Nazi genocide when he posted the tweet.

“I have never before been criticized for what I have written in my books, which are several thousand pages. But now I have been criticized for my utterance with only 140 characters,” Camre said in court.

Camre’s lawyer Peter Trudsø told TV 2, “I have a fundamental belief that we live in a society where freedom of expression is a very important factor. There must be a high ceiling in the political debate, it is simply fundamental part of a democratic society, even if we express ourselves a bit over the line.”

79-year-old Camre refused to comment after the verdict but has indicated that he will appeal the conviction via the Danish High Court.

The politician is a long term critic of Islam, remarking previously that the religion cannot be allowed to dominate Europe because it is, “incompatible with our values.”

In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the world seemingly began to grasp the importance of free speech – no matter how “offensive” – as the bedrock of a modern free society.

That attitude appears to evaporating fast, with prominent critics of Islam in the United Kingdom being snatched off the street for merely planning to attend a ‘draw Mohammad’ cartoon event in the case of Tommy Robinson, while Liberty GB leader Peter Weston was arrested by police for the “racially aggravated crime” of quoting Winston Churchill on the topic of Islam.

Scandinavia is often held up as an example of what happens when political correctness runs riot.

After the recent double murder of two Swedish citizens by Eritrean asylum seekers in an IKEA store, the Swedish government responded not by moving to protect their people from further terror attacks but by rushing to protect migrant communities from “dark forces in society.”

Despite the fact that Sweden is currently experiencing a huge Muslim crime wave which includes a rape epidemic that is completely out of control, the lust to censor anyone who complains about it only seems to be on the increase. A similar attitude is also taking hold in Denmark and Norway.

As we reported earlier this year, political correctness is so rampant in Sweden that some politicians are even calling for returning ISIS jihadists to be given psychological therapy and jobs – at taxpayer expense – to help them reintegrate into society.


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