Andreas Wahl is a daredevil of a scientist. He believes in the power of physics and isn’t afraid to put his own body on the line to demonstrate it. That’s why he willingly stepped into a pool, stood in front of a loaded gun and fired it at himself under the water.

Wahl stands with his head out of the pool, the water coming up to his chin. The gun is positioned underwater and aimed at his midsection. He has a string hooked up to pull the trigger. Slow-motion footage taken from the side gives a complete view of the action and how the bullet struggles to cut through the liquid.

Here’s the quick explanation of why Wahl was safe during this harrowing experiment: “It’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules.” It’s all about resistance. A bullet flying through the air faces very little resistance and can travel far at a high speed. In the water, it faces all sorts of drag that impedes its progress.

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